Web Content Writing For Pet Business Websites

Your #webcontent should clearly and concisely tell your reader everything they need to know about your business. When was the last time you updated your static pages (home, about, services)?

Web Content Writing Services

Web content writing is for the static pages on your website. Each needs at least 300 words to be SEO-friendly and to provide the information that readers need to form an opinion about your pet business.

Home Page

Who’s going to land on your Home page? Will they be familiar with your business? What’s the most important thing they should know and the first thing they should do? I’ll write content for a homepage that speaks clearly to your target reader, while making it blatantly clear what your business does and why it’s the best choice.

About Page

Why do people visit your About page, anyway? Is it to learn about your business, or the folks behind it? Both. I’ll tell the story of your business while emphasizing what makes it so unique. Your business does have a compelling story – I’ll add the imagination it needs to help newcomers feel like old friends. The familiarity is what makes it easy for customers to choose your business over faceless competitors.

Services Page

By the time they get to the Services page, most readers will have already figured out what you do. The job of your Services page is to show readers the value you offer. Strong web content means the difference between standard and premium services. I’ll bring out the Unique Selling Proposition your readers are looking for in each of your services. That way, it’ll be obvious what is included in your price and what new customers can expect.

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Let’s talk. If you prefer phone or Skype over email, we can set up a time and date to chat soon. Once I get to know your content needs, I’ll create a proposal and quote the cost of the job.