10 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Post

10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Newly Published Blog Post

You published your new blog post, and while it’s hot off the press, there’s a few things you can do to attract more readers. At first, you’ll start to see a few new readers trickle in. Over time, if you consistently promote your new posts, people will look forward to your posts, and they’ll get shared and viewed more and more.

1. Tweet it out. 

Twitter is an excellent place to share new content. Link to your blog post in a tweet – you’ll get more engagement if you add an image and pull a shareable quote from your post. Tweet about your new post at least 3 times on the day it is published, and several times the following week, then perhaps once a month later on. Mix up your tweets by sharing different quick, shareable tips from your post instead of simply copying the article title. Experiment with 2-3 hashtags per tweet.

2. Post to Facebook. 

Post a link to your post on the day it is published, or the day after. Share the post from your Facebook Page onto your personal profile and Groups to get even more traffic. When you click “share” on your Facebook Page status, you’ll create a link back to your page so people can Like your page. Be sure to check the rules of each Group you post to. Some don’t allow blog promotions at all. Message the admin to ask permission if in doubt. Also be sure to participate in the group and like and comment on other user’s posts. Use 1-2 hashtags on your Facebook post.

3. Stumble. 

Add your new blog post to your Stumbles on Stumbleupon. Select as many relevant categories as you can.

4. Post on Google Plus. 

Create a Google Plus post with a link to your blog. You can also post in Google Plus Communities and follow hashtags. Be sure to follow Community rules and +1 and comment on other posts.

5. Email your list. 

If you have a blog, you should also have an email list – it’s the most direct way to reach your readers. You can create an RSS feed that automatically emails your blog posts to subscribers, or create a new campaign for each post. While it’s more time-consuming, writing an email that speaks personally to your followers and invites them to read your post can be more successful than the simple RSS-feed driven emails.

6. Post on Instagram. 

While you can’t create links on your Instagram posts, you can direct people to use your profile link. If your blog posts are published on your front page, you won’t have to change that profile link every time you want to promote a new blog post.

7. Contact frequent sharers. 

Tag, email or direct message users who share content that is similar to yours. Politely ask them to share your new blog post. Before asking for the favor of sharing your content, it’s best to comment and share on the user’s posts. If you make an effort to develop a relationship with them, and strive to create truly valuable content that their readers will love, this can work well for you, and the user won’t mind sharing.

8. Use Pinterest. 

Pinterest makes it really easy to save and share content. If your featured image compels people to click, read and share, you can get plenty of repins and more traffic. Use hashtags and keywords. You can also create and join and pin to Group boards.

9. Link To Your Post In Blog Comments

You’ve probably already commented on other blogs, using your blog url in the “Website” field. Instead of using your homepage URL, use your new blog post URL on the next few blog posts you comment on.

10. Submit your blog to aggregators. 

Submit your blog to Alltop, Blogcatalog, Blogorama, Blogrific and other blog aggregator sites. Once your site is accepted, these sites automatically link to your posts every time you publish. Also submit to the pet section on Bloggeries.

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