Pet Related Puns and Wordplay

Cat dog and pet puns and wordplay for pet blogs, pet web content

Pet lovers have a sense of humor. Dogs and cats make us laugh everyday, and your pet-related content should be able to make fun of itself from time-to-time to truly connect with your audience.

When To Use Puns And Wordplay

A little goes a long way. Done right, pet-related puns are infrequent and unexpected. Overdone, and your copy will be hard to read. If it takes your reader too long to figure out what you’re trying to say, they’ll give up and click elsewhere.

Without further arooooo! here’s a list of pet-related puns to use in your web copy, blog, landing pages and product descriptions.

Cat Puns + Wordplay

MEOW = Now

At this very moment, without hesitation.

Order right MEOW to take advantage of our 2-for-1 offer.

Purr-sonal, Purrsonalized

Custom, bespoke, intimate.

Order a purrsonalized break-away cat collar in time for the holidays.



The purr-fect gift for your very special cat.


Exactly; in a literal manner.

Litter-ally the best deal on cat toys you’ll find online.


Maybe; possibly.

Purrhaps the only cat treat with no artificial flavors.


Joking; fooling.

We’re not kitten you; free shipping with no minimum order!

Pet Puns + Wordplay

Impawsible, Impawsibly

Add our fortified salmon oil to your dog’s food for an impawsibly shiny coat. 


We have a pawesome money-back guarantee. 


Our cage-free boarding facility is the hottest pawty around.


Avoid an embarrassing  faux-pas by carrying our biodegradable poop bags wherever you go.

Dog Puns + Wordplay

Ruff, Ruff-ly

An approximation, an educated guess of an amount.

Ruff-ly 99% of dogs love our new dental chews.

I shih-tzu not

My statement is surprising, but I am definitely giving you the hard, cold facts.

All of our ingredients are USA-sourced, I Shih Tzu not!

Chews, chewsy

Might be a stretch – “choose.”

Chewsy dogs chews our lamb and rice formula.


To eat quickly and enthusiastically without chewing.

Watch your dog woof down our dried liver treats.

Got more puns? Help me out. Leave your pet-related wordplay in the comments!

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