How To Keep “Money Blocks” From Blocking Your Pet Business

How to Unblock Money Blocks In Your Pet Business

On social media, in books and online courses for passion-based entrepreneurs, you may have heard of something called a “money block” – a lacking in your mindset that is said to keep you from attracting clients, growing your business or otherwise reaching your goals.

I’m glad more and more entrepreneurs are talking about mindset, but I’m not sure how much time you really need to spend worrying about it.

Before “money blocks” were a thing, few entrepreneurs waited until they were in the right mindset to kick off their businesses. They didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on mindset coaches, and they didn’t spend hours tapping, meditating and essential-oiling their “money blocks” away.

Why Blocks Might Be Blocking You

Lifestyle entrepreneurs, those that make most of their money through coaching and coaching products, exaggerate the influence of mindset on your business.

They may even make you feel bad for having “money blocks.”

They may make you believe that past traumas, or even traumas from past lives – if you believe in reincarnation – are blocking you from earning the money you deserve.

Say I told you to, for the next five minutes, avoid thinking about penguins. While showing you articles, exercises and videos about penguins. While telling you how important it is to devoid yourself of all penguins. Yup, now you have a penguin mindset issue that you never had before.

Everyone has a story. You probably have some trauma in your life. Someone has made you feel worthless. Someone has put you down. It’s happened to everyone.

That stuff has very little to do with how much you can earn in your pet business.

What You Really Need To Earn More

There’s only three ways to increase your pet business revenue: cut costs, increase your rates or sell more products or services.

That’s it.

You don’t need to get over that time your 8th grade gym teacher said you were weak and would never amount to anything.  You don’t need to learn why your mom loved the dog more than you.

The truth is, nobody can completely remove all insecurities in their life. Nobody can wipe their brain of bad memories or trauma. If you’re waiting until your deeply rooted life traumas go away to take the next step in your pet business, you might never feel “ready.”

The Three Ways To Increase Revenue

Cutting costs won’t dramatically increase revenue for most pet businesses, nor will it accelerate growth. If you sell products and can find a way to cut production or sourcing costs without compromising quality or customer satisfaction, it could work. If you can cut back on truly unnecessary costs, give that a try. Then, you’ll need to invest those savings into your pet business.

Increasing rates is actually related to mindset. If you know you should be charging more, but but but… do it. You might be afraid of disappointing customers who have been grandfathered in to your cheap rates. Find a way to cut them a deal for another month or so while you get higher paying customers. Or, see if you can negotiate an affordable package for them that works for both of you.

Increasing sales is a matter of getting in front of the right pet parents. This can also be mindset related if you are shy or afraid of being seen. Can you think of a huge way to get noticed – that you’ve been afraid to do? Maybe you can be on local news or featured in local publications, but don’t know how or are afraid of being interviewed. Maybe you can think of a highly effective advertising space that would get you seen by the perfect potential customers, but you are afraid to spend money on it.

Reframing Your Fears

I hesitated to use words like “fear” in the above passages, but I’m glad I did – that’s truly how we think of those situations, don’t we?

I leave you with one actionable piece of advice. Stop putting yourself down for being fearful. Instead of saying “I’m afraid of being interviewed,” acknowledge that you do not have the skillset for it. Determine what skills and knowledge you need to confidently take the next step and go get ’em!

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