About Lindsay Pevny, Freelance Pet Writer

I write content that helps pet owners find great things. 

As a freelance pet writer, my greatest pleasure is working with passionate PETrepreneurspeople like you who provide excellent products and services to pet owners. 

When you hire me to write your blog posts, craft your website content, or create other marketing materials for your pet brand, my first priority is learning about what makes your business great. As I get to know your pet business, I discover an underlying message – a story waiting to be told.

My strong background in web content, blogging and product copy helps me put your story into words that help you connect with your audience. You’ll attract more customers with a clear, coherent message, and exclusive blog content keeps your business on their radar.

What I’ve Done

As I completed my AS degree in Business Administration, I worked in-house for local company creating thousands of product descriptions for their Amazon catalog.

Shortly afterwards, I started my copywriting business so I could work remotely with a variety of clients across many industries – tattoo removal, quickie divorces, British chocolate, everything in between. (I really, really liked writing about chocolate.)

Working with some of my first pet industry clients was life-changing. I really enjoyed writing for and about pets. I love having that sense of “something larger than myself” – the mission for better treatment of animals, and excess spoiling of our domesticated pets.

Now I mostly work for businesses in the pet industry, though I do serve non-pet businesses too. My main mission is connecting customers with great stuff. By making your business visible online with engaging web content, I can help more pet owners find the solutions they need. To me, that’s what really makes writing for and about pet industry businesses worthwhile.

What It’s Like To Work With Me

Contact me at Lindsay@LindsayPevny.com or through this handy contact form.

We can discuss your content needs over email, or we may decide to set up a phone or Skype.
Like most writers, I prefer to talk mainly over email. It’s the fastest way to reach me, and it’s an efficient way to create a written record of everything discussed.

Once we go over the project, I’ll create a combo proposal/contract for us to both sign, a one-page document outlining the scope of the work, payment terms and content ownership to protect us both.

Then, I’ll upload the content to your blog or send over document files, full of amazing content that you’ll be proud to publish. Wash, rinse, repeat. By consistently providing professional content, you can make sure your business’ online presence will continue to grow. I’m happy to help come up with new blog topics, ways to reach new audiences and more tips for marketing your pet business on the web.

Let’s get started!