Blogging Portfolio

Dogster | How To Deal With Doggy Teenage Rebellion

Dogster is one of the oldest and largest online dog publications. I published an article about the difficult adolescent stage most dogs go through, and what to do to keep their attention. Includes quotes from my interview with a professional dog trainer. Check out my post on Dogster.

WiggleLess | Low-Stress Ways To Play With Your Senior Dog

WiggleLess is the blog for a back brace that offers support and relief for dogs with¬†Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) and other products that support dog spine health. I wrote a blog post to help their readers keep their dogs mentally active even if they’re not healthy enough for active play. Check out my blog post published on the WiggleLess blog.

Dog Treat Web | What To Do When Your Dogs Fight Over Treats And Chews

Dog Treat Web is the official blog of Jones Natural Chews. I wrote a blog post sharing my experiences with dog-to-dog food aggression and how readers can prevent and treat the same issue when dogs in their household squabble over treats. Check out my blog post published on Dog Treat Web.

Little Dog Tips | Why Does Your Girl Dog Lift Her Leg To Pee?

Little Dog Tips is my own dog blog, a place where I share positive reinforcement based training tips and dog product reviews. I was curious about why my female dog lifted her leg to mark during our walks. I explore the possible reasons based in behavioral science that clue us in on what our females are thinking when they hike a leg in this blog post.