How To “Write For Your Audience” To Write Better Blog Posts

How To Write Better Blog Posts by Writing For Your Audience

Do you ever wonder if you’re actually writing blog posts people want to read – or writing just to write?

By making your audience your first priority, you’ll write better blog posts. For beginners, this is a sort of Catch-22 – how can you write for your audience if you don’t actually have one yet? 

No worries. I’ll show you how to write audience-based blog posts that readers can’t help but share.

Identify Your Audience

Take a good look at the users who are frequently exposed to your content.

This would be your Twitter followers, your Facebook page Likers, communities and groups where you post your content, and drifters who find your blog through search engines. Who is already regularly visiting your blog?

It doesn’t matter if this isn’t a large group of people yet. What’s important is whether these are the people who will eventually buy your product or hire you for your services. Are they satisfied with what they see when they read your blog, or must they look elsewhere for answers? Are they converting? Are they clicking through to older posts and exploring your content?

You might decide you need a new audience. Or, you might have literally no audience if you’re really just getting started with your pet business blog. That’s okay – you’re off to the right start if you’re committed to writing for your audience.

You can steal an audience – I won’t tell anybody. If you regular guest post and comment on popular blogs with an audience you envy, you’ll start to get noticed by their regulars. Truly, though, it’s not “stealing,” it’s “networking.” It’s just a little more fun when it’s a big naughty, right?

Sales Ads VS Smartness By Association

Also consider using paid ads to promote your blog posts and special offers. Useful content like blogs are much more popular on Facebook. Social media users really, really hate seeing advertisements in their feed. But they’re more than happy to share helpful blog posts that they think their friends will find useful – especially if your brilliant content makes them look smart by association.

Smartness by association is a highly underrated aspect of content marketing. Share smart stuff, look smart. Create smart stuff, people will share to appear smart by association.

What Do THEY Know?

If you’re writing for an audience of dog lovers, you’ll hear crickets if you write content like,”Why walking your dog is beneficial.” Dog lovers know that. They live that.

Writing basic content is easy, and it quickly gets lost in the unrecognizable buzz of so-so content that floods the niche.

Assume that your people in your audience are not complete n00bs. They have at least a basic understanding of the topic, so the only way for you to create compelling content is to provide new information with a fresh, new perspective.

Use scientific research studies to support your opinion. Quote experts. Boil down an expert source into everyday terms. Use your personal experiences to provide a unique viewpoint.

What Do They WANT To Know?

People are always asking questions on the internet.

Whether they’re conducting a Google Search, asking their Facebook friends in a status update, or consulting an online community of experts, people are constantly asking questions and exploring multiple sources before coming to a conclusion.

That’s where better blog content comes in.

If you can take existing questions from social media, online pet communities, question and answer sites and Google search suggestions, and answer them in a comprehensive, easy to understand way, you’ll attract your audience and have them just where you want them – in need of a solution. You can provide a complete answer that leaves them satisfied, and gets your blog recognized as an expert source – which naturally results in more shares, more traffic and more sales.

Need help curating better blog posts?

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