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How To Write A Well-Researched, Stand-Out Blog Post

research pet blog post for business

Publishing blog posts is a superb way to provide helpful information to customers and potential customers, develop relationships and position your business as an expert source. But you won’t get those sought-after Google rankings if your blog posts recycle the same information used in hundreds of other blog posts. OverRead More

[Free Download] 2017 Pet Industry Events

2017 Pet Industry Events for pet sitters, veterinarians, groomers

It’s only mid-February, and 2017 has already seem some legendary pet events – The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, The Puppy Bowl, Super Pet Expo in Edison, New Jersey – and there’s still so many yet to come. Last year, I wrote a blog post about 2016 Pet Industry Events.Read More

How To Keep “Money Blocks” From Blocking Your Pet Business

How to Unblock Money Blocks In Your Pet Business

On social media, in books and online courses for passion-based entrepreneurs, you may have heard of something called a “money block” – a lacking in your mindset that is said to keep you from attracting clients, growing your business or otherwise reaching your goals. I’m glad more and more entrepreneurs areRead More

Should You Pay To Boost That Post On Facebook?

Should you pay to boost that Facebook post? Or will it be a waste of money/

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, you have to pay for boosted posts and ads to reach Facebook users, regardless of whether or not your pet business page has a lot of likes, or just a few. My dog blog, Little Dog Tips, is more of a passion project than a business.Read More

Pet Related Puns and Wordplay

Cat dog and pet puns and wordplay for pet blogs, pet web content

Pet lovers have a sense of humor. Dogs and cats make us laugh everyday, and your pet-related content should be able to make fun of itself from time-to-time to truly connect with your audience. When To Use Puns And Wordplay A little goes a long way. Done right, pet-related punsRead More

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Blog Post

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Blog Post

Have you ever started reading a blog post… only to wander off the page? If you write blog posts, you probably wonder if readers are doing to the same to you. A strong start, increasingly valuable middle, and decisive finish will keep your reader on the page. You’ll get aRead More

Bloated Copy – It’s Bad For Business

Bloated writing – when your copy is swelling with useless words and phrases.  I have a confession to make. I have a habit of creating bloated copy. In my early days as a freelance writer, I needed to reach a specific word count to get paid – typically 500 wordsRead More

Why Your Pet Guest Post Requests Are Getting Ignored

You send out dozens of emails to owners and editors of pet blogs – only to get few, if any responses. All you want is to promote your pet business. You want to do it the right way – by getting healthy, honest backlinks. Guest posts are a great wayRead More

34 Places To List Your Local Pet Services For Free

When you discover an opportunity to list your pet services for free – always take it! Adding your website URL to your listing on high-authority website can boost your SEO ranking. And, of course, users searching the site for local pet services can find you through your listing. Here’s aRead More

List Your Local Pet Biz On The Brand New

I was thrilled to chat last week with CEO Allen Simon and VP Kevin Yamano about the launch of, a global directory of local pet businesses. Pet lovers can search the directory for products sold in local pet stores, as well as groomers, veterinarians and other pet-related services for dogs,Read More