January, 2017

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How To Keep “Money Blocks” From Blocking Your Pet Business

How to Unblock Money Blocks In Your Pet Business

On social media, in books and online courses for passion-based entrepreneurs, you may have heard of something called a “money block” – a lacking in your mindset that is said to keep you from attracting clients, growing your business or otherwise reaching your goals. I’m glad more and more entrepreneurs areRead More

Should You Pay To Boost That Post On Facebook?

Should you pay to boost that Facebook post? Or will it be a waste of money/

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, you have to pay for boosted posts and ads to reach Facebook users, regardless of whether or not your pet business page has a lot of likes, or just a few. My dog blog, Little Dog Tips, is more of a passion project than a business.Read More

Pet Related Puns and Wordplay

Cat dog and pet puns and wordplay for pet blogs, pet web content

Pet lovers have a sense of humor. Dogs and cats make us laugh everyday, and your pet-related content should be able to make fun of itself from time-to-time to truly connect with your audience. When To Use Puns And Wordplay A little goes a long way. Done right, pet-related punsRead More

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Blog Post

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Blog Post

Have you ever started reading a blog post… only to wander off the page? If you write blog posts, you probably wonder if readers are doing to the same to you. A strong start, increasingly valuable middle, and decisive finish will keep your reader on the page. You’ll get aRead More