May, 2016

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How To “Write For Your Audience” To Write Better Blog Posts

Do you ever wonder if you’re actually writing blog posts people want to read – or writing just to write? By making your audience your first priority, you’ll write better blog posts. For beginners, this is a sort of Catch-22 – how can you write for your audience if youRead More

Amazon Product Description Writing: Best Practices For Professional, Sellable Copy

When you scroll through the listings, you might wonder why there’s so many different, seemingly acceptable styles of Amazon product description writing. Some products have ridiculously long titles, stuffed with keywords. Others have paragraphs upon paragraphs in their bullet points, and an assortment of stars, dashes and exclamation points litteringRead More

10 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Post

You published your new blog post, and while it’s hot off the press, there’s a few things you can do to attract more readers. At first, you’ll start to see a few new readers trickle in. Over time, if you consistently promote your new posts, people will look forward toRead More

How To Write Creative Product Descriptions For Anything

As a product description writer, I’ve written thousands of descriptions for e-commerce sites, Amazon and eBay listings. I haven’t always written for the pet industry – I often had lists that included dozens of extremely similar products that just seemed so… obvious. How much can you really say about sprinklerRead More

I Moved! Read My Older Posts

Dog Copywriter Lindsay Pevny and dogs

This week, I moved my website to a different web host and decided to start fresh. You can still view my old blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse. Here’s some of the highlights: 5 Places Dog Lovers Hang Out Online: Reach Your Customers In Their Natural Habitat How To Use GuestRead More